Middle East

A top United Nations investigator condemned the killing of Iranian Maj. Gen. Qassem Soleimani as unlawful, saying Washington failed to provide sufficient evidence that he posed an immediate threat to U.S. interests to justify the drone strike.

After early success countering the new coronavirus, Israel faces a significant new outbreak that health experts warn could spiral out of control as the government scrambles to shut down swaths of the economy it had reopened.

A government official said the U.S. or possibly an “anti-revolutionary” group was behind the incidents, one of which occurred Thursday at Iran’s main nuclear facility.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo called on the United Nations Security Council to extend a five-year ban on conventional weapons trade with Iran that is set to expire in October, while his Iranian counterpart warned of dire consequences of such an action.

Egypt’s economy is reeling as the coronavirus pandemic keeps tourists away, erodes remittances and undercuts spending by Egyptians whose wages were already depressed due to recent years of government austerity.

Mercenaries connected to the Russian government have joined forces with a rebel militia to hold Libya’s largest oil field, European and Libyan officials said, prompting U.S. protests over foreign interference in the country’s most strategic industry.

Iranian authorities said they were investigating an explosion in the early hours of Friday at a Defense Ministry facility east of Tehran, near a site that has been crucial for Iran’s development of missiles and munitions.

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