Denmark granted unexpectedly swift approval for resuming construction of the Russian-backed Nord Stream 2 pipeline in Danish waters, potentially clearing one of the last hurdles for completing the project at the center of a geopolitical tussle.

President Emmanuel Macron’s newly formed government has resumed negotiations with unions on his proposal to overhaul France’s pension system, putting an explosive issue back on the table as the country navigates the health and economic fallout of the coronavirus pandemic.

From Lake Como to the Louvre, something is conspicuously absent from Europe’s tourist destinations this summer: Americans. Europe’s hotels, restaurants, cafes, beaches, museums and other attractions are reeling from the loss of their biggest spenders.

French President Emmanuel Macron shuffled his government on Monday, injecting new life into his administration as France is navigating the economic fallout of the coronavirus pandemic.

Europe’s reopened bistros, pizzerias and cafes are bustling with clientele but unlike those in America’s Sunbelt have had no major outbreaks. The difference stems from Europe’s success in flattening its infection curve before reopening and less reliance on air conditioning.

French authorities deny there is systematic racism in law enforcement. Young men of color, however, say that being singled out, stopped and searched has long been a fact of life.

The government of President Emmanuel Macron was upended following the resignation of his prime minister, Édouard Philippe, who spearheaded the president’s pro-business agenda and garnered significant popularity for his handling of the coronavirus.

Americans will remain barred from entering the European Union for nonessential travel even as the bloc starts to open up to as many as 15 countries from July 1, the EU said.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said he was planning a “New Deal” for the British people as part of a speech aimed at re-invigorating the U.K. and his premiership in the face of falling poll ratings, an economy in the doldrums and one of the worst death rates from Covid-19 in the developed world.

After months of virtual interactions, world leaders are cautiously restarting face-to-face meetings amid growing frustration at the limits of remote diplomacy.

French President Emmanuel Macron pledged an additional $16.8 billion in government spending to help the transition to a cleaner economy, a day after his party took a drubbing at the hands of the Green Party in local elections.

President Emmanuel Macron’s party suffered a string of losses in municipal elections across France on Sunday, raising doubts about the long-term survival of a political movement built around the French leader.

Two previously fierce rivals—Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael—will work together with the Green Party as Ireland seeks to contain the novel coronavirus and prepare for new trade barriers with the U.K.

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