Facebook Removes Trump Campaign’s ‘Census’ Ads

The social-media giant removed Trump campaign ads that referred to a census, saying they violated a company policy aimed at preventing interference with the nationwide 2020 census. 272

Huawei Takes Its Case to the People in Australia

Huawei is bidding to convince citizens in Australia, one of America’s closest allies, that its telecom gear is safe—a grass-roots fight against the government’s decision to exclude the Chinese company from its 5G build-out. 19

Made-in-China Censorship for Sale

Chinese AI tools from tech giants like Alibaba make it easier to scrub online content—and anyone can buy them. 32

Tech Giants Pledge Fight Against Online Child Exploitation

Law enforcement and technology industry representatives pledged to step up their fight against child sexual abuse on the internet,but remained at odds over government concerns about misuses of encryption technology. 1

Smile! Your Boss Is Tracking Your Happiness.

Employers are turning to sentiment-tracking software, daily surveys and apps to monitor workers’ mental states. Does this pose a new threat to employee privacy? 5

Biotech Companies Tap AI to Speed Path to Coronavirus Treatments

Companies racing to find treatments for the novel coronavirus, which has infected close to 100,000 people, are turning to artificial intelligence to speed up their drug-discovery efforts.

Facebook Fights Hoaxes and Hysteria in Its Virus-Themed Groups

To suppress misinformation about the coronavirus, Facebook has altered its search results, created pop-ups directing users toward public-health authorities and offered the WHO what Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg called “as many free ads as they need.”

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