The pandemic has deeply cut carbon emissions, but the human and economic costs should give pause to those who imagine remaking the world’s habits of consumption

The Saturday Essay

Personal challenges come at us faster than ever before, but the right approach can turn them into opportunities for change and growth.


The front-porch campaigns of the 19th century suggest ways that Donald Trump and Joe Biden can spread their 2020 messages without spreading the coronavirus

Historically Speaking

Ancient Romans ate a pungent version, but the modern egg-based spread was created by an 18th-century French chef.

Mind and Matter: Susan Pinker

New research uses GPS data from cell phones to draw connections between people’s location and their mood.


To understand corporate chameleons like China’s Huawei, look to the era when the East India Company and other firms blurred the boundary between government and business.


Auction houses and libraries are making it easy to view composers’ manuscripts online, including scores by Mendelssohn and Beethoven.

Weekend Confidential

NASA’s ‘planetary protection officer’ works to keep alien microbes and viruses away from Earth—and to avoid contaminating distant planets and moons.

The Saturday Essay

From road-trip comedies to taut, humid dramas, Hollywood has put its mark on the season.

Jason Gay

After a springtime of Zoom school, they’ve earned a summer of ice cream and water balloons.

Everyday Physics

When the rubber hits the road, an ordinary tire produces an orchestra’s worth of sounds.


We can honor—and dishonor—American leaders of previous eras without turning history into a simplistic tale of good versus evil.