Facebook Removes Trump Campaign’s ‘Census’ Ads

The social-media giant removed Trump campaign ads that referred to a census, saying they violated a company policy aimed at preventing interference with the nationwide 2020 census. 219

Stockpilers Buy Up Outdoor Provisions Amid Coronavirus Fears

Epidemic-wary households are buying up snack bars and pouched foods typically bought by campers and hikers, and manufacturers are struggling to keep up with the soaring demand.

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Ad Business Likely to Suffer as Firms Brace for Spread of Coronavirus

A Publicis unit, one of the world’s largest ad-buying firms, plans to lower its forecast for global advertising spending amid the coronavirus outbreak. The New York Times cut its first-quarter ad-revenue forecast.

Super Tuesday to Test Whether Bloomberg Ads Pay Off

Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has been running the most TV ads in Super Tuesday states, which will show whether pouring millions into them pays off.

Nike’s Offer to U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials Runners: Free Shoes

Nike was handing out pairs of Nike Air Zoom Alphafly NEXT% on Thursday to all Olympic trials runners.

Beyond Meat Plans to Tout Healthfulness of Its Burgers

Beyond Meat said it plans a marketing push to promote the healthiness of its plant-based meat alternatives and push back on criticism that its burgers and sausage are heavily processed.