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Most of the world’s miners work in small-scale operations or illegally by trespassing on land controlled by others. When tragedies occur, few of the deaths are recorded as mining-related and they could add thousands to the industry’s death toll, according to some estimates.


U.S. regulators voted to block a plan from mining companies Peabody Energy and Arch Coal to combine their operations in a major coal-production region, saying it would limit competition and raise prices.


Two of the world’s largest funds have begun selling down stakes in coal miners citing environmental concerns, leaving some of the companies’ shares concentrated in the hands of a few large U.S. investors.


The backlash against single-use plastics is giving glassmakers hope that they can stem a decadeslong decline in the use of bottles and jars. First they have to boost poor glass-recycling rates that undercut the material’s environmental pitch.

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An independent report commissioned by Vale into last year’s deadly mine-dam failure found conflicts of interest between the mining giant and its auditors, faulty information-sharing inside the company and a compensation structure that prioritized financial returns.


Shares of gold miners extended a recent advance Wednesday, continuing a booming rally that began last summer as investors flocked to the haven metal.

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Bullion has many advantages for long-term investors, experts say. But for those who want to bet on the current rally, gold-mining stocks may be preferable.

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Peabody Energy is shaking up its board by adding partners from Elliott Management, its largest shareholder, as the coal-mining company seeks to withstand market headwinds squeezing U.S. coal producers.


The machinery maker said global uncertainty crimped sales in the latest quarter as companies held off on big purchases. It expects demand for its equipment to fall this year.


The idea is that slash-and-burn farmers will care for the land if they own it, instead of just abandoning depleted fields to carve out new ones, and law enforcement can more easily crack down on illegal cutting. “If this doesn’t happen, we will continue to deforest.”

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Residents across Brazil’s mining state of Minas Gerais have lost faith in industry or government to protect them since a mining-waste dam collapsed last year, killing 270 people.

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Fresh sanction powers authorized by President Trump against Iran could squeeze the remaining trade and finance channels keeping the Iranian economy on life support by threatening those companies still doing business with the country.


Gold jumped to its highest level in almost seven years with tensions between the U.S. and Iran escalating, the latest example of investors favoring the safe-haven metal to protect against a market downturn.