Christopher Mims

Christopher Mims

Technology columnist, The Wall Street Journal


Christopher Mims writes Keywords, a weekly column on technology. Before joining the Journal in 2014, he was the lead technology reporter for Quartz and has written on science and tech for publications ranging from Technology Review, Smithsonian, Wired, the Atlantic, Slate and other publications. Mims, who has degree in neuroscience and behavioral biology from Emory University, lives in Baltimore.



The Next Hot Job: Pretending to Be a Robot

2020欧洲杯APPAugust 31, 2019 04:00 am ET

Until the techno-utopian dream of full automation is realized, the growth of not-yet-autonomous technologies is creating opportunities for humans to help operate robots remotely, sometimes from thousands of miles away.


When Battlefield Surveillance Comes to Your Town

2020欧洲杯APPAugust 3, 2019 04:09 am ET

All-seeing 24/7 video surveillance technology, first developed for use in war, is now affordable enough to be used domestically to fight crime and terrorism. Some lawmakers are wary.


Can the Internet Save the Department Store?

2020欧洲杯APPJuly 27, 2019 04:01 am ET

In new retail store concepts, you can buy from brands that first found success on the internet and are just now appearing in offline retail.


VisiCalc, the world’s first spreadsheet, took the nascent personal computing world by storm, and just as suddenly ceased to exist—in the process, writes Christopher Mims, it transformed how companies are built and how all of us make decisions

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