News Archive for Apr 9, 2020

    U.S. Jobless Claims Total 6.6 Million Last Week

    A record 7.5 million Americans were receiving unemployment benefits at the end of March as the coronavirus pandemic continued to hit the U.S. labor market. The ranks of workers filing for jobless claims was 6.6 million last week.

    Coronavirus Clampdown Could Keep Some Candidates Off Ballots
    Election 2020

    Candidates and incumbent lawmakers are facing difficulties getting the required signatures for ballot access during the coronavirus pandemic, with social distancing and stay-at-home orders making it hard for campaigns to approach people directly.

    Coronavirus Pandemic Takes Toll on Mental Health

    The battle to stop the coronavirus pandemic, fought with social distancing and enforced isolation, is taking a psychological toll that some officials warn could prompt another crisis, a mental-health one.

    Coronavirus Hospitalizations Slow on New York’s Long Island
    Tri-State Area

    The rate of hospitalizations due to the coronavirus pandemic has slowed on New York’s Long Island after surging last week, but elected officials and hospitals say it is too early for the region to assume the worst is behind them.

    Car Makers Get a Boost as Chinese Plants Slowly Return to Life
    Autos Industry

    When China’s economy crashed early this year, Western manufacturers with a strong presence there suffered. Now, as China gradually reopens for business, that presence is boosting auto makers including General Motors, Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz and BMW.

    Coronavirus Tests Viability of Home-Flipping iBuyers

    Ripple effects from the coronavirus pandemic are disrupting the burgeoning industry of online all-cash home sales known as iBuying, setting up the business’s first major test in its brief history.

    Coronavirus Disruption Puts Supply Chain Software to the Test
    Artificial Intelligence

    As the coronavirus pandemic disrupts the way Americans shop for food, software firms have urgently added new information to shore up algorithms that predict supply and demand. Manufacturers and distributors have turned to AI tools to keep factories running and store shelves stocked.

    Rural Hospitals Unsure Coronavirus Aid Is Coming
    Pro Bankruptcy Distress

    Embattled rural hospitals, some on the front lines of the coronavirus crisis, stand to lose out on billions of dollars in federal aid, with industry experts worried that financial lifelines could come too late—or not at all.

    Hackathons Target Coronavirus
    CIO Journal

    Thousands of technology enthusiasts and others are flocking to a new wave of hackathons created to fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

    Europe Unleashes Massive Subsidies to Stem Job Losses

    As job losses ricochet across the U.S., Europe is conducting an unprecedented experiment in navigating the economic fallout from the new coronavirus: Persuade companies to forgo layoffs by subsidizing private-sector wages on a massive scale.

    Countries World-Wide Log Record Coronavirus Cases

    The number of confirmed coronavirus infections passed 432,000 in the U.S., as countries around the world reported a record number of new cases and the economic cost of intensified lockdown measures came into sharper focus.